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Radio FM Sunrise Pakistan broadcast daily 24 hour programs in different languages which include Urdu, English, Punjabi & Pashto in the form of dialogues, talks, discussions and interviews. Transmission of FM Sunrise Pakistan Network can also be accessed on the Internet throughout the world on www.fmsunrise.pk .

Our Motto is LOVE PEOPLE LOVE PAKISTAN. People represent humanity at large including fellow countrymen which deserves unlimited love beyond all borders and frontiers. We have humanistic approach in programming with universal appeal without any discrimination of any sect, region or ethnicity, cast, creed & color. Our policy in FM Sunrise Pakistan Network is to instill hope in the hearts. We, therefore, resist from creating depression hype. We avoid incitement, sensationalism, derision of any religion or sect and hurting anyone’s feelings. So that coming generations may live in peace, prosperity, stability and happiness..